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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 21, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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apologies, we're asking for more. >> sean: hope you have a great weekend. football is back at the request of our twitter army brigade kids. they demand it come back. as always, hope you have a great nd great weekend and we'll see you a on monday. >> greta: this is a special edition of on the record. politics and policy. tonight, new and deadly anti-american violence exploding across the globe. tens of thousands clashing with police in pakistan. it was the pakistani government who is supposed to be our ally that called for today's protests. this is the latest foreign policy crisis to hit the obama administration, trying to deal with the deadly terrorist attacks and growing nuclear threat from iran and chilly relationship with russia, not to
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mention growing tensions with our very close ally israel. now tonight in a special edition of on the record, we're going to take a closer look at president obama's foreign policy. is the lead other of the free world living up to his title? >> amid all these threats and danger, what we do not see is steady consistent american leadership. in the days ahead and in the years ahead, american foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose. >> four years later after the noble peace prize was awarded, in case you haven't heard bin laden is dead. that is good, that is not a foreign policy. has anybody deterred from attacking in the middle east because bin laden is dead. did they say i better not go over the wall in egypt because we killed bin laden. there is no coherent foreign
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policy at that time when we need one. >> as far as -- >> i think president obama has demonstrated a lack of clarity as to a foreign policy. as i've watched over the past three and a half years, the president has had some successes he has some failures, it's a hit or misses approach but not based on sound foreign policy. >> my opponent and running mate are new to foreign policy, but from all we have seen and heard they want to take us back to an era of blundering that cost america so dearly. after all, you don't call russia our number one enemy, not al-qaeda, russia unless you still stuck in cold war mind warp. >> if i were jewish and from israel i would not be happy with
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barack obama. it is a disaster what is going on. israel is in big trouble with barack obama. >> are we better off in the middle east now than we were four years ago? absolutely not. why? because of the policies of the administration and way it's been handling itself. >> greta: and hits keep coming. president obama is losing popularity with voters. on foreign affairs has fallen since middle east attacks. according to latest poll, 49% of voters approve his perform answer while 46% disapprove. now that is a 5% drop from last month's approval ratings. so from the middle east to russia and china, why are so many americans losing confidence in his handling of foreign policy.
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john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> greta: if you were to write a book on the last three and a half years of president obama's foreign policy, what would be the title? >> the failure of obama's foreign policy. look the question for america and for citizens as voters is as it's always been. what do we need to protect and advance our interests around the world, promote peace and be sure that our friends and allies are protected. under generations since franklin roosevelt we followed a peace through strength policy. that america's strong place in the world, politically and economically around the world protect our interests. barack obama believes in with withdrawing american influence. he thinks we are too much in the world and the world would be in a better place in a declining
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america. i think that is prescription for zavlt in grand strategy and number of threats we face. >> greta: the number of countries to look up the policy. let's start with russia. president obama's reset with russia. how is he doing? >> it's been a failure across the board. he laughs about romney's remarks. they still have more nuclear weapons than anyone else in the world and fortunately al-qaeda doesn't have them yet. he has given on moscow on missile defense program he inherited has been gutted. he agreed to a strategic arms control treaty. he watched putin carry through on his intention to reestablish russian gemini without america standing up to it and we watched
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russia fly political cover for the nuclear weapons program for iran and north korea. we have conceded and conceded and we have gotten nothing back. >> greta: now on to syria and i might note the "washington post" editorial board, says that iran shows no hesitation about intervening in syria. saying the body of the united states and iran is moving into syria and that spells big trouble for israel? >> indeed on whole range of fronts. their support for terrorism continues. they have influenced the regime in iraq and prepared to shed a lot of syrian blood to stay in power. they finance hezbollah and hamas in the gaza strip and worse of all they continue to build a broad and nuclear weapons program.
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what is unmistakable despite the blurs ter that is coming from the obama administration, they are not afraid of the united states. they do not fear this president. they do not fear the united states. they do not fear consequences for their actions. as long as that belief holds true in tehran they will continue to support terrorists and build a nuclear weapons program. >> greta: a u.s. senator once said to me while i was lamenting there were so many problems across the world, he said to me we can't solve the problems, we can only manage them. that should be our goal in light of the fact so many variables. are we managing these different hot spots around the world and give him a good grade at managing them? >> no. i don't agree with the premise we can't solve problems. that is very european view of the world. i think americans are problem solving people. i think that is what we try to do.
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recognizing we can't do everything, the last approach is throw up our hands and say we have to manage the confusion. president's biggest problem is he doesn't pay enough attention to national security. it doesn't interest him. this distinguishes him from the long line of presidents going back on bipartisan basis going back to franklin roosevelt. he doesn't wake up in the morning what threats does the united states face today and what do i have to do to keep america strong. he is much more interested in restructuring the way of our domestic life. >> greta: ambassador bolton, thank you. >> now to the murders of four americans including ambassador chris stevens. did white house completely fundamental can the handling of the attack? we heard different stories on different days from different members of the obama administration including the president himself.
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take a look. >> yesterday, four extremely americans were killed. foundingd states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, but there is absolutely no justification for this type of senseless violence, none. >> some have thought to justify the vicious behavior along with the protests that took place at our embassy in cairo yesterday as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. >> we do have some concerns about films that incite violence. this is fairly volatile situation. it is in response not to the united states policy, not, how do you say the administration, not to the american people. it's in response to a video.
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>> we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> the information, best information and best assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a premeditated attack, that what happened initially it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> based on what we know now and knew at the time, we have no evidence of a preplanned or premeditated attack. >> we had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy character that did extremely offensive video directed at mohammad and islam. it caused great offense in the muslim world, but what also
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happened was extremists and terrorists use this as an excuse to attack a variety of things, including the consulate in libya. >> they were killed in the course of the terrorist attack on our embassy. we are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al-qaeda or al-qaeda affiliates. >> now jay carney aboard air force one, told reporters it's self-evidence it was an terror attack. >> it is self-evident that was a terrorist attack, they were attacked violently there. >> greta: late today, hillary clinton referred to the libya murders as a terrorist attack. so why are they flip-flopping?
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karl rove joins us. to the question of how does it impact the election. besides the flip-flopping, sloppy at best, who is on first at the white house, i'm curious on the world stage this back and forth slapping has any sort of consequence? >> sure it does. they look at us and say, both friends and allies, what the heck are you thinking. the president was too quick along with the secretary of state and basically blame this all on this video that i suspect very few people protesting in cairo had ever seen and very few of the militants who stormed the embassy or consulate of benghazi had ever seen. they simply should have said we'll wait until the facts are in. we are troubled by the circumstances. we're going to make certain everything we need to know. they were rushing out to say the video's fault. there were lots of earlier
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indications this was terrorist attacks. protestors don't show up with rocket propelled grenades. there may be a few ak-47s in crowd. they made two assaults on the facility. drive off paramilitary unit. >> greta: and people tend to be more interested in jobs in elections and domestic issues. do you see this foresee this event having an impact or foreign policy? >> it will have some impact. in most instances when there is a moment of danger to the united states. remember it's an extraordinary event. only eight times in history that a u.s. ambassador has been killed. this is a big moment. normally in moments like that people rally around the president and rally around the
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government. not in this instance. i think the handling of the administration's part. also there is too many troubling questions. this is 9/11. that day may have started to slip in the consciousness in america but it's first and foremost in the minds of the jihadist. why we had the ambassador, people that knew him said he was extraordinary human being. why we had a thinly guarded facility in 9/11. we sent out guidance before 9/11 take security precautions, no similar instructions were sent to libya nor to most of the other hot spots in the middle east. this was a facility that had been attacked in june with improvised explosive devices and had the lowest security level, so-called lock and key. a lock and a key. >> greta: we were focused on
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international things in what happens overseas. we're fixated on four americans were murdered and many embassys were high risk. i looked at the national security strategy, from the white house's own website, on national security. what the president spoke about how important it is to reduce our deficit and important for our global leadership that has an pocket global security. does our domestic economy play in this and have an impact on voters? >> the job is a big part of it but the deficit also matters. a big blunder that is not being covered by the media this week occurred on letterman show when president obama wasn't relying to say the size of the deficit. it's now $16 trillion, as of time he was appearing on letterman. the rest of the world looks at
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united states, how can you lecture us if you can't put your fiscal house in order. you are running deficit of trillion dollars. your debt as a percentage of g.d.p. is skyrocket together levels of the basket cases of europe like greece and spain. you, the united states, claim to be the world leader. there is something else here. that is not past i suspect the view of american people and certainly not past the view of leaders abroad. september 11th, our ambassador is killed. september 12th, president obama postpones his presidential daily brief, his meeting with intelligence officials in order to go to the state department. go to the state department, stand with the secretary of state, with the foreign service. he did not go back to white house and go back to the meeting and go back to the director of the c.i.a. and director. nsa and director of the state department military agencies, what do you know, instead he got
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on a plane and flew to las vegas in order to attend a political event and fund-raiser before returning to washington. >> greta: air force one, could he have gotten that information on air force one? >> it's better to sit in a room to eyeball those people and have an open discussion. to have -- maybe you have to do it by secure video conference. he should have said to the people in las vegas, all those people, i meet on day after the murder of an american ambassador to sit with our intelligence leadership and plan what we're going to do. >> greta: let me try giving the benefit of every single doubt this. during the time he got osama bin laden he was appearing at a white house correspondents dinner. the room was full of media and not one of us he had given the issue to go and he was deeply
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involved with this. we like to send a message, you don't get us, we can still do our job. >> i think they look at this. you know what. you didn't consider it important to me with your intelligence agencies to sit down and plan what you are going to do. i think they look at it in disbelief. the other thing, the president basically has cancelled half of his presidential daily beliefs and instead elected to receive the information in written form. >> greta: why? >> here is why. here is what the spokesman for national security in response to mark theissen. unlike your former boss, referring to george bush, he has delivered his residence in the morning and not briefed to him. all he needs is a piece of paper. he different need to have the people in the room to have read the piece of paper, get the people and say i got a couple questions. i would like to explore this more. no follow-up and no curiosity.
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i'm so smart i don't need the intelligence officials to brief he. it's all settled by reading one piece of paper. >> greta: karl, thank you. >> still anti-american protests across the middle east. they are warning that the president's strategies is not working but they are putting the u.s. in great danger. you will hear from fred thompson senator john mccain. they are all here coming up. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy and what they said is amazing. over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week.
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>>. >> greta: a wildly and deadly scene in pakistan today. tens of thousands of protestors clashing with police. fred thompson blames president obama's for his failed foreign policy. he says the president's strategy places in greater danger. senator thompson joins us. senator, explain that? >> first of all it's not all his fault obviously. this thing has been playing after several decades now. we can start back with the iranian hostage, the attacks on our prior embassies, the u.s.s. cole but when the president came
10:24 pm
in, first thing he did made his speech in cairo, he obviously felt that his obamaness would take care of policy. and apologized for conduct in the past. determined to get out of afghanistan as soon as he could regardless of the facts on the ground and regardless of the gains we had made which we would have to give up. now, they of shooting us on the way out the door. he sat on his hands during the riots in the streets in tehran. has essentially sat on his hands on the iranian built-up toward a iranian nuclear capability. has sat on his hands with the slaughter going on in syria and won't cooperate with a no-fly zone. this whole thing with the exception of response to 9/11,
10:25 pm
this whole thing over a period of decades has given us and given the impression of what bin laden and they referred to weak course -- weak horse versus the strong horse. they can do what they need to do with impunity. responses will be muted. we are, the president now and his people are businessly going around and talking about a film -- busily going around talking about a film. they are saying don't blame us. it's not us. at the same time, questioning this first amendment thing a little bit as to whether or not it's smart and what we might have to do about it. playing right into their hands. we are absorbing some of the blames with the attacks against us. over a period of time we have shown weakness and most
10:26 pm
important part of it it shows a lack of understanding of the nature of the world we live in and nature of the threat. in the eyes of a lot of these extremists, this is something of a continuation that has been going on for 14 centuries. >> greta: in light of that its complex problem, what would you say looking at the last three and a half years, foreign policy put greater danger, natural progression of time or is he doing something, something he failed to do or something he has done that has created the greater danger in your mind? >> i think it's the overall impression, you can have a discussion about all of these things that i mention the causes and what should have been done. we did nothing with regard to all of them, but the overall impression is one of insecurity, weakness, vacillation and a blame america first kind of an
10:27 pm
attitude. you look with regard it's not just a terrorist problem but with regard to russia, reset policy. the fact that our secretary of state thought that assad was a reformer before he started slaughtering thousands in the street. you look at china, it seemed like clinton was called on carpet in china because americans have the temerity they looked like think were siding with japan. china will take those islands. china has hundreds of missiles pointed toward taiwan, i am worried they will see this weakness and lack of resolve and taiwan might be in danger. the terrorists in the state powers i mentioned have relationships. so all of this makes item by item, it looks like they don't
10:28 pm
understand the nature of what they are dealing with or what they ought to do about it. the only one thing that has proven out history, weakness doesn't work. if you cause a situation where people misjudge the resolve of the united states of america, we are much more likely to wind up in war. it's happened time and time again they thought we weren't going to do anything and it turns out we would. >> greta: senator, thank you. up next, john mccain, he called the obama's administration knowledge of terrorist attack abysmal. also his criticism of president obama's poil foreign policy mounts, so does comparisons of president obama and president ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a reason to look twice. the entirely new lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid.
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>>. >> greta: after a week of countless denials, the white
10:32 pm
house or some of the white house admitting that september 11th attack at embassy was terrorism and this one in afghanistan attacked our military base murdering two marines. senator john mccain the obama administration is failing all over the middle east. >> i think they fundamentally misunderstand what is happening and they are failing all over the middle east. >> greta: senator john mccain, nice to see you. i was reading your twitter, you referred to feckless, weak and effective and worthless but one of definitions is irresponsible? >> it's irresponsible to tell the american people that the attack on the libyan embassy which was clearly an act of terror. they finally admitted it but initially telling the american people it was spontaneous and because of a video.
10:33 pm
>> greta: dwro do you think they did that? >> they want the american people to believe by eliminating osama bin laden no longer is there a threat of al-qaeda. there is significant evidence that the people who did this attack on the embassy and consulate and killed four americans including our ambassador were part of a jihadist extremist group that is affiliated with al-qaeda. to tell americans that people go to spontaneous demonstrations with mortars, rocket propelled grenades? >> greta: it's sort of inevitable that these things unravel. >> it's the initialing appearance of our ambassador to the u.n. was on all the networks this was spontaneous. she either is not telling the
10:34 pm
truth or she is so badly -- the thinking is so badly screwed up. it's not the video. >> greta: which are s worse? >> both are reprehensible but to blame it on the video, the video was made something like july 2nd. it's the extremists, muslim extremists that pushed this all over the middle east including on television stations they controlled and others to incite this kind of violence that took place. by the way, again it was not -- you mentioned the attack in afghanistan. they were able with a very well orchestrated professional attack on the base in kandahar which is heavily defended to destroy some $200 million worth of american equipment. six aircraft, fuel tanks and
10:35 pm
hangars. that is biggest infliction of damage since the tet offensive. >> greta: going to syria and "washington post" had a head line, iran shows no hesitation about intervening in syria. my word i saw this as indictment of the obama administration, while we are looking the other way, iran is moving into syria and all sorts of weapons and all sorts of bad things. >> as we speak, iranian aircraft are overflying our ally iraq with supplies of weapons for assad. as we speak, iranians have admitted in the last few days that the revolutionary guard are on the ground assisting assad. the russians are sending arms and equipment in and while we refuse to even provide them with weapons, practically as outrageous, when is the last
10:36 pm
time you heard the president of the united states to speak up for the 25,000 people that have already been massacred, raped, murdered and tortured and the president of the united states doesn't speak up? it's beyond comprehension. the president of the united states is moral leader of the world and he is strangely silent as in 2009 when they demonstrated in tehran. >> greta: about israel, this problem in syria is a nightmare for israel but a moral issue? >> but more of a moral issue is are the israelis going to be forced to act alone because it's clear with everything we're saying, the iranians don't believe the united states is going to do anything. >> greta: senator, as always, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up did you hear what alan west said? he said president obama's supported for arab spring encouraged the protests in the
10:37 pm
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. the u.s. senate burning the midnight oil, finishing a series of votes before leaving for washington to campaign for re-election, voting for a bill to fund the federal government for six months to put off any threat of a government shutdown until early next year. they rejek a bill to strip u.s. foreign aid from egypt, libya and pakistan. the author had argued those countries have not been willing partners in partners in the war on terrorism. a visitor to the bronx zoo was mauled by a tiger, after deliberately jumping into its den. the 25-year-old man left from a moving monorail to the tiger enclosure. a 400-pound cat attacked. the man has a broken arm and broken leg. for your latest headlines, go
10:42 pm
to headlines go to . this is fox news channel. >> how president carter and president obama both took our nation down a path that in four years weakened america's confidence in itself and our hope for a better future. >> i have not seen a more feckless foreign policy since president carter. >> there is only two things i dislike about this president. one, he has been the most incompetent president since jimmy carter. he has been most radically liberal president to live in the white house. >> greta: comparisons between president obama and president carter in the wake of anti-american violence. alan west saying, president obama is clearly and his actions
10:43 pm
during the iranian embassy crisis as most ineffective person to occupy the white house. let me ask you, sir, can you back up your statement? >> if you look at what has happened from one week, september 11th to where we are today, think about how many american eassies and our consulates have been attacked and ransacked, the fact we have lost an ambassador, the fact that you have lost a fighter pilot, squadron in afghanistan and six fighter jets and two other fighter jets that were damaged, that is just in the course of a week. >> greta: why is it his fault? >> he is the commander in chief. that is the responsibility you have. let me put this in context. you heard of operation veg answer. >> greta: no? >> it was the operation where we found out the flight route for admiral yamamoto, japan easy general and there was fighter
10:44 pm
pilot that shot him down. do you think that was an act of foreign policy. i continue to hear from this administration that joe biden said that osama bin laden is dead. they are going to base national security strategy on that? that is insane. that is not strategic level thinking. so when you look what has happened across the middle east. there is a parallel with jimmy carter. when you depose a leader in the middle east you have to think about the second and third order of effects, who is going to fill the void. history has shown when you have that type of void, radical islamists are going fill the gap. that is what happened in egypt and it's happened in libya as well. >> greta: lindsay graham is on tape saying osama bin laden is not foreign policy? >> that is the truth. foreign policy is what is your strategic goals and object nifs the respective areas of
10:45 pm
responsibility, be it in the middle east and pacific being in our own hemisphere here. the relationships you develop with your friends and allies and stances you take agencies your adversaries. >> greta: governor romney didn't has no foreign policy experience. what do you think president romney foreign policy would be better than president obama? >> i would go back to what we saw last sunday. when you had susan rice talking about everything that happened is becau. it's all about who you surround yourself with. i believe that governor romney will surround himself with the people that understand strategic level decision-making, foreign policy and national security and not just people that are going to say he emperor has no clothes and osama bin laden is dead and we have a sound policy. >> greta: do you think they actually believe that on the day
10:46 pm
that he came out, she went to every sunday morning show. do you think they truly believed they had some pourp hung her out to dry? >> i think they thought that ambassador rice could sell that line. why would they send a u.n. ambassador out to talk about something that is either state department related because we're talking about embassies or consulates or national security related. for her to sit up and talk about it was not a well coordinated attack, you have to ask what is your line of expertise? i believe they could send someone to sell that line. now, they see they have to backtrack and it looks horrible for this administration. >> greta: indeed. nice to see you. polls show president obama is taking a nosedive on foreign policy but democratic strategist joe trippi says they wanted foreign policy to be central to
10:47 pm
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>>. >> greta: obama's approval rating on foreign policy is slipping fast. latest poll shows 49% of voters
10:51 pm
approve, while 46% disapprove. this is the first time the president's foreign policy approval numbers has fallen below 50% since april 2011 before he announced the killing of osama bin laden. joe trippi joins us. so the last segment the president wants foreign policy to be central to the election, is that true? >> that is definitely something he has an advantage over romney on. starting out to have advantage on economic stuff which is surprising. one of his big strengths has been foreign policy. >> greta: as we look at the last week with the numbers declining 5% and lindsay graham saying at the beginning, osama bin laden is dead is not a foreign policy. how is that a strong suit for the president? >> he said i'm going to get us out of iraq. he has done that. he pulled out of afghanistan --
10:52 pm
it's the entire policy including getting osama bin laden. when he ran he said i'm going to get us out of these wars and focus on what we need to do. get the guys that attacked us. so he has done that. i think most americans -- when you just that pose it to the bush doctrine going in hundreds of thousands of troops, i think more americans would choose the obama approach. that doesn't mean there are plenty of people out there and plenty of viewers that don't agree with that approach think it's too soft. right now i think the majority of americans would agree with the president. >> greta: i don't know how to exit from the war. but the grim statistics recently in afghanistan and iraq. it doesn't seem to me a good exit right now when i see the number of people or dying or i see what is happening there. do the american people want out so badly if we leave, even on
10:53 pm
grim terms that is good for the president? >> i think -- what i'm talking about he has kept his promises in that regard. look, these are complicated places. you have to ask yourself when you pull out of iraq and you see what is going on now, would it have a matter if we would have stayed for five more years? when you exit out and the chaos that happens between sunni and shea and the in-fighting that is going to happen, as they build a democracy, this isn't going to happen overnight. >> greta: if its matter of keeping promises, he said he closed gitmo. that never happened. second thing, past week there has been a narrative of this crazy, was it a videotape or terrorism and now seems to be terrorism? >> with gitmo, one of the strange things, he hasn't kept a promise the people he upset is the left.
10:54 pm
people like me who want gitmo shut down. it's interesting that the gitmo is still there. that keeps moderates and conservatives happy. >> greta: in an odd and twisted way, somebody was released from gitmo, that was during the bush administration. that would be another twist on that. >> that is what i said. these things are very complicated. most americans -- i think people came to believe that iraq was a mistake. whether it was or not, a majority of the american people started to believe that getting it out very important. getting osama bin laden was obviously, its cornerstone of his approach which i think to say, look, tatamp things down. don't use bravado. bush used to say things like
10:55 pm
bring it on and this is a crusade. i've seen him say he wished he used different words. words matter. there is no reason -- i think the obama strategy has been to tamp down the heat and get the guys who did it. most americans say, that is much better strategy than going into another country, libya with hundreds of thousands of troops. they there are whole bunch of people on both sides of spectrum that don't want to do that. >> greta: coming up, a look at the presidential debates where with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% casback on every purche, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards!
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